Warehouse Clubs
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Customers want to see unique ideas that help with everyday tasks, saving time and making life easier. Datexx offers a wide variety of handy and trendy products that offer such helping hands.

Communicating ideas to your customers is also the key to success. Get your message across up front with clear objectives and benefits directly on the tray banner, and take the tedious guess work out of shopping chaos.

A wide variety of customized presentations for varying lifestyles are ready for you to pick and win with Datexx!

Featured Products
12 units of AA-45 in PDQ: Digital Tire Gauge Emergency Multitool
12 units of AA-52 in PDQ: AutoEscape Emergency Tool with Lamp, Seat Belt Cutter, Window Striker
PDQ of 18 units: Miracle Hover Timer - Touchless Countdown Timer,
DH-62 (24 units) -Lime,Orange,White,Brown 6 pcs each in a Countertop Tray
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