Productivity TimeCubeŽ Combo Pack: 5-10-20-25 Minutes and 1-5-10-15 Minutes  (DF-3837)
Price: 40.00(MSRP)

Revolutionize the way you work by focusing properly on your tasks at hand with the TimeCube®, the world’s simplest timer. Instead of fumbling around with buttons or dials, or getting distracted by ticking sounds of other timers or by your smart phone when setting its timer, all you have to do is flip the cube and get things done.

Studies have shown that mental capacity drops significantly after 25-30 minutes of focus and continues to decline. However, with a proper 5-minute break, the mind is recharged and ready to keep going.

The TimeCube® makes this practice, practical. With a simple flip, fully concentrate on your work for 25 minutes and then with another flip, recharge and take a 5-minute break. Cooperate with your body, not against it, to maximize your capacity at home, school, and at work!

It’s so easy to use, it’s a no brainer!

* Turn the cube to begin countdown

* The cube beeps when time is up

* Turn the cube upright to stop

  • Excellent time management tool for home, school and office
  • Two popular Time Cubes for long and short timing countdown
  • 5, 10, 20 & 25 minute timer settings (DF-38)
  • 1, 5, 10 & 15 minute timer settings (DF-37)
  • Friendly beep when time is up
  • Soft red blinking light when countdown is in progress
  • Countdown window to show minutes and seconds remaining
  • Battery(s): 2 AAA
Dimensions:2.38*2.38*2.38 (inches) / 6*6*6 (cm)
UPC Case:1-07-67468-38372-9
Unit Packaging:2.5*4.75*2.5 (inches) / 6.4*12*6.4 (cm)
Carton Size: 15.7*13.39*10.2 (inches) / 40*34*30 (cm)
CBF/CBM:1.24 /0.041 
Carton Weight:15.84 lb / 0.5 kg
Carton Quantity:30

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