Discontinued UltraBattery Rechargeable USB Power Bank 2200 mAh-iPhone and  (BT-2200)
Datexx BT-2200
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FAA approved for airline travel (the only unit of its kind that is), The ULTRABattery Universal USB Phone Charger is designed to be the first and last universal USB power purchase consumers will ever have to make! Specifically designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of the FAA, the Datexx ULTRABattery is also the ideal rechargeable USB power charger for use anywhere else — hiking, camping, boating, traveling, flying, or at home. The Datexx ULTRABattery comes with a two-way cable that is compatible for us with every type of USB power tip.

Consumers simply have to change the power tip to the device that needs to be powered. What’s more, Datexx offers affordably priced power tips for every type and make of USB device – totaling more than 1200 devices including all makes of cell phones, smart phones, portable game players, portable music players, and Bluetooth® devices!

When fully powered up, the ULTRABattery will recharge a cell phone several times providing days of talk time. The ULTRABattery has a direct USB jack so consumers can plug any USB devices directly into it.

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MSRP $45.00


  • One tip is included for RazR. One Bonus tip free by mail.
  • 2200 mA NiMH battery, AC Adaptor and USB cord included.
  • Battery(s): 1 NiMH AA 5V
  • Dimensions: 3.88*2.38*0.75 h (inches) / 9.84*6.03*1.91 (cm)


UPC: 7-67469-23220-4
UPC Case: 1-07-67469-23220-1
Packaging: G/B
Packs: 1/10
Unit Packaging: 8.5*11*2.5 (inches) / 21.59*27.94*6.35 (cm)
Ctn Size: 11.8*7.6*10.2 (inches) / 30*19.3*26 (cm)
CBF/CBM: 0.53 /0.015
Ctn Weight: 9.9 lb / 4.5 kg

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