12 units of LED-50 in PDQ: Weather Ready - LED Flash Light and Emergency Flare  (PPK-LED50-12)
Price: 180.00(MSRP)

This Tray Pack contains 12 pcs of: LED-50

Carry our LED Safety Light and be prepared when roadside emergencies happen. Its built-in oversized reflector ensures you'll be seen by traffic. And with a touch of button, light's super bright LED flashes red on top and sides for 360d degree of visibility. Press another button and built-in 2 LED flashlight offers brilliant illumination for repairs, changing a tire or lighting your way. Splash-proof and made from tough plastic, light offers a sae and reusable alternative to flares.

  • LED Flare that can be seen from a mile away
  • Energy Saver Super Bight LED light
  • Great Road Side Safety tool to get attention from far away
  • Bright Reflector to get extra attention
  • Perfect for Home, Auto, Outdoor
  • Battery(s): 3 AA
Dimensions:1.85*1*5.47 (inches) / 4.7*2.6*13.9 (cm)
UPC Case:1-07-67469-50012-6
Unit Packaging:5.12*1.18*9.25 (inches) / 13*3*23.5 (cm)
Carton Size: 15-1/2*9?*6? (inches) / 23.5*35.56*21 (cm)
CBF/CBM:0.62 /0.018 
Carton Weight:4.0 lb / 1.82 kg
Carton Quantity:1

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